Agencies: The Best Way To Get Customers Coming To You | Office Hours w/ Mike Cooch | 9-10-2021

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This is the recording of the September 10th, 2021 Office Hours Call with Mike Cooch for the and community.

These are pure Q&A calls where Mike Cooch fields questions from members of the LVRG and community.

We had some great conversations in this call about how to sell Digital Agency services to small businesses, which services are best to offer if you are using Highlevel, the importance of really understanding who your core target customer is, and the #1 to attract more customers to you in today’s world.​​

01: 54 What to do when selling a Missed Call Text Back service in Twilio with a prospect who only uses a landline
05: 59 How to position the Missed Call Text Back service so that you can handle any objections or questions in the sales process
14: 15 Why you should never do the dreaded ‘double sell’ when selling your Digital Marketing Agency services
15: 19 Using Highlevel to add a ‘text us’ feature for businesses that want to keep their existing phone number
18: 30 “Pretend you were starting from scratch in GoHighlevel, what services would you offer your clients to get fast and tangible results?”
23: 58 Why I recommend offering free websites and/or websites-as-a-service to small businesses
27: 46 What happens to a customer’s old or existing website when we offer them a new free website?
28: 47 Can you split-test email subject lines on GoHighlevel?
34: 08 Understanding the “Four Stories” that are critical for every business to tell in their marketing
36: 53 Coming up with compelling ‘Four Stories’ when you are just getting started at your business
40: 56 How to get initial case studies, experience, and testimonials when you are just getting started
42: 47 Why it’s so important that you are authentic with your ‘Four Stories’ and marketing in general
44: 49 How to best use a Highlevel chatbot for a multi-location business that only has one website
47: 36 “What do you find are the best marketing systems and services to sell and implement for restaurants?”
50: 37 What to do when a customer (restaurant owner) is generally averse to marketing (e.g. emailing, offering discounts)
01: 01: 41 Why restaurants hire PR firms, and why it’s important to understand what that means about the services you should and shouldn’t offer them
01: 03: 14 How much does it cost for a small business like a restaurant to work with a PR firm?
01: 06: 02 Do I think restaurants are too difficult as a niche?
01: 08: 46 Why you shouldn’t sell GoHighlevel SaaS to a restaurant, and what you should sell instead
01: 13: 09 Review of and recommendations for website
01: 25: 46 Recommendations when selling birthday marketing campaigns to restaurants
01: 29: 34 Sales perspective: If you’re going door-to-door, have an offer to make to get the customer to the next step
01: 33: 20 The huge opportunity to leverage your local influencers to help market your restaurant clients
01: 37: 49 Offering a media kit as a foot-in-the-door offer
01: 40: 27 The best foot-in-the-door strategy for selling to local businesses: Build up your presence as micro-influencers in the restaurant industry
01: 44: 01 Why local Digital Agencies MUST be using Instagram
01: 49: 12 Why you MUST be a content marketer!

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