ArcGIS Platform Webinar Series – 04: Introduction to ArcGIS SaaS and PaaS Offerings | Esri India

ArcGIS Platform is a location-focused Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering from Esri India, for the developers in India.

With ArcGIS Platform, you can integrate the power of maps into your apps, business systems, and products. You can access these services using APIs of your choice — including open-source mapping libraries as well as Esri’s web and native APIs.

India Data Services at ArcGIS Platform:
As a developer you can leverage nearly 550 Data Services which are published in Living Atlas of India of the World. Please find link below to access them.

With ArcGIS Platform, you can:
• Build apps and solutions using the most comprehensive, high-quality set of location services available
• Access location content and capabilities as standalone location services
• Use your preferred API, helping you speed up development and build on existing investments
• Accurately monitor service usage, easily estimate costs, and pay only for the services you use

Access ArcGIS Platform by signing up for a free developer account.

Who should attend?
Developers using JavaScript, Java, .NET, IOS, Android, Python and QT.

29th July 2022
3: 00 – 4: 30 pm IST

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