Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: Boost the Growth in 2022


Industry leaders around the world are using artificial intelligence to enhance their business with marketing technology. Whether it’s analyzing consumer interests and data, guiding sales decisions and social media campaigns or other applications, artificial intelligence is changing the way we understand marketing in many industries. In this podcast we talk about the latest ways that businesses can utilize these powerful tools to achieve their marketing goals. The overview is based on the experience of MobiDev’s experts.

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00: 33 MobiDev, a software development company
01: 00 Intro
01: 43 AI relevance for business
03: 28 AI in marketing research
04: 40 Predictive marketing analytics
06: 33 MobiDev recommendation system
06: 55 Dynamic pricing and demand forecasting
09: 15 AI in content and video production
10: 46 GANs technology
11: 10 AI in e-mail marketing
12: 05 Future of AI in marketing

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