Attract Passive Investors on Autopilot with a Digital Marketing Funnel- With Adam Gower

Adam Gower is an authority in content marketing for the real estate industry. He has more than 30 years and $1.5 billion of transactional experience in commercial real estate finance and investment. He runs a digital marketing agency specializing in supporting real estate investors with their capital raising. Adam shares his insights on:
🔹How Real Estate Syndication and digital marketing merged
🔹Why Real Estate has become the single biggest beneficiary of that change in legislation
🔹Why digital marketing is so powerful for money raising
🔹The difference between your perspective and that of the potential investor (from their perspective its one to one relationship building)
🔹Adam describes the investor journey
🔹How your ideal investor finds you online
🔹How they put their hand up and say send me more info
🔹How that relationship develops overtime until the key moment when you say invest now
🔹Your ideal investor will self select
🔹Start at the widest part of the funnel – social media
🔹Content floats on social media – bait plume (It’s all automated)
🔹How many times do they need to see your content before they will click through to your website
🔹What needs to happen when they click through to your website
🔹The effectiveness of video
🔹Tools for tracking – Google Analytics
🔹Repurposing content
🔹Content factoring
🔹How Adam got to 3,500 pieces of content
🔹The biggest leads come when you least expect them to
🔹How much to communicate with someone after they have invested
🔹The lifetime value of an investor
🔹The most important thing with investors

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