Attraction Funnel (2/8) ❤️ How to use the Marketing Funnel in Dating and Relationships #shorts

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What is an Attraction Funnel? I am sure you’ve heard of marketing funnels before – and how they can help grow your business and conversions and all that good stuff. But did you know that there is a FUNDAMENTAL principle of marketing that can be used to increase your chances of meeting your ideal guy, and it’s called the marketing funnel process?

If you’ve ever studied marketing, most of the principles will actually apply to most areas of life – relationships included. The concept of an ‘Attraction Funnel’ (where you begin with a large group of people who may like you, and through various ‘Funnels,’ narrows down to a smaller group, and then a smaller group, and a smaller group – usually ending with a sale) is a very effective way to develop long term relationships.

In this video I talk about how women can set themselves up for success through positioning to attract the right men.

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