B2B & B2C SaaS Financial Projections: Create Investor Ready Software as a Service Financial Forecast

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If you’re looking to start a Software as a Service business and are looking to get a jump start on developing your SaaS business model, the ProjectionHub B2B and BV2C SaaS Financial Model templates are the perfect tools to get you going. These fully customizable templates were built so that you can create custom financial statements projected out to five years, as well as to help you calculate what it might cost to start and run your SaaS business. Businesses all over the world are in need of software solutions–your SaaS business could be the solution they’re looking for. Follow along with Adam in this tutorial video showing how you can customize the data in the template to reflect your unique business assumptions. Whether you are looking for projected income data regarding your subscriptions or how much your SaaS business could make from advertising activity, these SaaS financial projection templates were created with the unique needs of a SaaS business at the forefront. Learn more about financial projections for your software as a service business on our website!

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B2C: t

00: 00 B2B and B2C Saas Financial Projection Template Intro
01: 15 Preview of Completed SaaS Projected Financials
02: 10 B2B SaaS Startup costs, Investments, and Starting Assumptions
03: 00 Projecting Revenue & COGS for B2B SaaS Startups
06: 47 Projecting Revenue & COGS for B2C SaaS Startups
07: 32 Estimating B2B and B2C Operating expenses
08: 23 Projecting Salaries and Owner Pay for SaaS

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ProjectionHub has helped more than 40,000 founders and entrepreneurs to create financial projections so they can raise investment, apply for loans, and plan for expansions/growth. From budget-friendly DIY financial projection tools to high-touch custom consulting with a CPA expert, ProjectionHub has the financial forecasting solutions your business needs.

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