B2B Content Marketing Funnel Guide For Small Businesses (Free Template)

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Learn how to transform content into lead generation machines and create a strategic process to convert those leads into more customers. This B2B marketing strategy guide includes a free template you can use for yourself.
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Table of Contents:
0: 20 – Intro
0: 33 – The Content Funnel
1: 30 – Research
2: 55 – “How To” Content
3: 05 – “Review” Content
3: 13 – “Decision Guide” Content
4: 11 – Customers Experience
5: 00 – Headlines
8: 32 – Headlines Examples
9: 59 – Produce
10: 34 – Content Medium
12: 54 – Equipment
14: 40 – Optimize
16: 59 – Outro

B2B Content Marketing Funnel Guide For Small Businesses (Free Template)

How to Develop a B2B Content Funnel: Content Marketing Strategy for B2B Companies

Content marketing is not meant to drive revenue overnight. It takes time to build a following and grow your reach.

In this video, I will teach you profitable B2B content funnel blueprint to automate your process to attract prospects and

I’ll share with you my B2B content marketing strategy template so you can get your prospects do business with you. Plus, learn the content creation equipments you need to create your content.

Often, especially in the b2b and professional services space, your base of followers or readers may not necessarily be your ideal client..

With Inbound Marketing, the B2B marketing funnel has grown and evolved to be a far superior and more actionable tool, now used to craft lead-generation strategy.

Online businesses understand the value of B2b content marketing funnel that nurtures leads through the various stages of the digital marketing funnel.

If you want to have a solid idea of the kind of content you need to make to get more people to your business, this B2b funnel tutorial is for you.

Before we take a deep dive into the strategies, let’s take a few minutes to outline what a B2B marketing funnel looks like today.

My B2B content marketing strategy template will guide you to have an actionable plan for creating content that converts
A well-structured B2B content marketing plan not only helps you attract more people, but

also helps your business branding and refines your sales funnel so you can be well known and gain more clients to your business.

Depending on what your own content strategy looks like, you might want to optimize it to better attract B2B clients and

discover new ways to increase conversions between each sales funnel stage.

You can further optimize your B2B marketing by constantly split-testing and experimenting with different ideas, and seeing what works.

Having a Content marketing strategy in place helps you build rapport as it allows you to demonstrate you can be helpful.

So, if you want to continually optimize your content marketing strategy, make sure to….

Start following my whole content marketing sales funnel to ensure your lead generation success.

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I’m Jason Whaling and stay tuned with my channel to keep updated with the latest outsourcing strategies and content marketing tips to grow your online business.

Checkout our website to get out B2b content marketing funnel template so you can scale your online business fast.

I hope this B2b content marketing funnel tutorial guided you on how to build your funnel to continually scale your business.

You now learned how different B2b content marketing strategies apply to each stage of the marketing funnel and why they work so effectively.

As always if you have any questions, or are interested in getting touch, feel free to comment below.

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