Be The Boss Network Marketing Funnel

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Hey what’s up, I’m Chris Altamirano, founder over at While I was up late at night I saw this quick 15 second infomercial spot called “”

It then said something about Be The Boss Network and so I decided to check it out from a marketing perspective. It caught my eye how marketers were now turning to tv advertisement spots to redirect late night tv watchers to their online marketing funnels.

After going to Freedom39 I was then redirected to a website called Responsive Offers, followed by a bunch of weird looking characters, tracking ID’s, and campaign names. This told me that the Freedom39 website was simply a masking URL that is only in place as a means of tracking where traffic is coming from. Again from a marketing perspective, this is good stuff because tracking where your traffic is coming from is the name of the game.

Once I got to the website I was taken to a squeeze page where I entered my name and email. When I checked my email and clicked the confirmation link, I was taken to the BeTheBossNetwork’s main page which has 9 Offers!

Some were clickbank offers, multi-level-marketing offers, and other home based business offers. Now I didn’t buy any products but this was a really great example of how marketing funnels work.

I’m assuming that Be The Boss Network gets you in as a member and sell you their sales funnel – the Be The Boss Network Funnel – and then you can promote it and make commissions from any product sales. Again, that’s just what I assume.

I’m in no way promoting be the boss network but will acknowledge that their marketing funnel is very creative. Hopefully you learned something cool from this and can take it with you in your own marketing endeavors!

– Chris Altamirano @ m

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