Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Businesses (Episode 1 of 2 with Nick Panayi)

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00: 00- Introduction
00: 42- Passions
01: 19- Artificial intelligence
05: 05- Examples of chatbots
08: 12- AI for small businesses
09: 52- Improving AI
12: 29- Strengths with AI
14: 50- Biggest mistake
16: 26- Greatest home run
17: 46- Biggest monetization secret
20: 57- Tectonic shifts
23: 56- Key takeaways

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In Businesses

Nick Panayi is the Chief Marketing Officer at Amelia, a leading software firm focused on conversational AI. Before joining Amelia as the CMO in 2018, Nick was the vice president of brand, demand, and digital marketing at DXC Technology. DXC is a $20 billion global IT services leader formed in 2017 after the merger of CSC and HPE Enterprise Services.

In addition to DXC, Nick’s 20 plus years of marketing experience in the technology industry includes a variety of marketing leadership roles with Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Avaya. Nick was named one of the top 25 digital marketers by B2B Magazine, and his marketing teams have won multiple awards and distinctions from Serious Decisions, ITSMA, and other marketing analyst firms in recent years.

In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into the topic of artificial intelligence.

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