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The HighLevel CRM often also called GoHighLevel is the fastest growing CRM on the market today. To find what you’re looking for quickly, download the high-level mind map. p


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[00:00:00] About three years ago, I ran into a small team of people who were making a CRM product called High Level. As someone who has been coding software for 35 years, I saw that this team had both the necessary coding skills and the focus on making products based on customer feedback and not on the vision of one person.

[00:00:16] Or even worse, the opinions of company shareholders. If this team could stay on task, they might be able to make a CRM for businesses that actually solve problems instead of creating. I have been working with and testing the product for the past three years, hoping that it will become something that I can depend on and that has the features I need to run my own online business.

[00:00:36] Today, I’m happy to report to you that I’m finally able to use their crm, which also means that most likely you can use them in your business as well. Larger businesses would also benefit greatly from high level if used exclusively as a lead nurturing platform. The CRM solution is superb. You can see here a whole list of features.

[00:00:54] There are a lot of different logos of different companies that you would have to pay a monthly fee to in order to get these same web services that come bundled together within high level. And until now, there was no capable all in one CRM platform that worked and could be trusted to help operate my business.

[00:01:09] High level though has just nailed it. The web services bundled within high level work extremely well together, seamlessly, and also with high level. You don’t have to learn and use all these services at once to justify the investment. You can pick one or two, work with them, and then as you see the need at another one.

[00:01:26] You’re not paying any additional fees, and they’re all integrated, so the additional setup process is painless. Now, the question most likely pressing on your mind is how much does it cost to have access to high level? It’s only $97 per month. If you are wanting to set it up for use in your business, you can have all these different automations and communication methods available to you.

[00:01:47] Maybe not yet all functional within your business because you simply don’t yet want or need them all. Operational as it could be overwhelming, but they’re there and ready for use when you need or want them. It’s a solution that’s completely manageable for your budget, no [00:02:00] matter how big or small the company.

[00:02:01] Now, the email marketing features with high level as well as SMS R, in my opinion, the best in the industry. There are many businesses offering email marketing services, but no company operates in the same way that high level. Let me explain why every other company that sends your email besides high level puts you in a potential conflict with them.

[00:02:21] Why is that? When sending out your emails, the email sender must put their reputation on the line. High level allows you to send emails using any email sender of your choice while still managing your email list. This distinguishes high level from the competition, and believe me, you want this flexibility.

[00:02:38] When other email providers get any complaints about your sending, it’s probable that they’re going to shut you. Hopefully the company allows you time to download your data before doing so. Now, besides this, the other benefits within the all in one high level CRM make it a no brainer. For example, texting.

[00:02:54] If you’re not texting in your business, you need to, Most people don’t want to pick up the phone and talk anymore, and with high level, you can use their texting platform and build trust with potential customers and drive sales on autopilot. It’s got unlimited sales funnels. It’s got a beautiful website builder, a very simple.

[00:03:12] Easy to learn. Very fast loading. It’s one of the best in the web design industry. You’ve got call tracking so that you can identify who you’ve called, who you’ve dropped voice messages with, and who’s called you back. You can follow up with text messages to people instantly. You have surveys and forms and appointments and calendars.

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