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Hello, today I want to share with you my experience of the best landing page service. After testing a huge number of programs in this category, I found the best option that suited me perfectly. I make over $ 20,000 a month with it and have been using it for about five years. It allows you to create conversion-focused landing pages to help you reach more leads. In this short video, I’m going to tell you some very useful secrets that few people know about, but which make it truly the best in the Best Landing Pages category. This is about Instapage, I’ll leave a link to the official site under the video. And now I will show you everything in detail with a clear example, look!

Whether you have a website or not, Instapage allows you to create conversion-focused landing pages to help you reach more leads, sell more products, or entice visitors to take more action.
No coding or design skills needed, because Instapage features really make it easy to create effective landing pages – no matter what you’re trying to promote. Features such as heatmap, analytics and split testing tools allow you to use visitor data to improve the design of your landing pages and improve their performance.
Marketing content for Instapage claims there are over 200 templates to choose from, but there were over 80 when browsing the library. Some templates were also not complete landing page options, such as the thank you page. templates, so don’t let the 200+ header shape over-influence your decision.
However, as you can see from the Landing Page Library, the templates you have access to have been designed to very high standards and cover a range of goals.
You can preview all Instapage templates before deciding which one to use.
Thanks to filters, you can quickly find the type of template you’re looking for when you launch a new landing page.
Landing page templates are categorized, making it easy to find the type you want.
Since the templates cover product sales, registration forms, event registrations, and app downloads, you can get a good idea of ​​who Instapage’s target audience is.
However, since one of the key advantages of Instapage is its landing page editor, you are certainly not limited to using templates in their default state – or even using a template at all.
Whether you start with a blank canvas or one of the templates, Instapage Editor gives you the freedom to create a custom landing page. In fact, freedom is probably the keyword when describing the Instapage landing page editor.
You can start with a blank canvas or edit the template to create your landing page using the Instapage page builder.
Unlike the most advanced WordPress page builders, Instapage page builder allows you to place elements anywhere on the page. Instead of adjusting to a grid or structure based on columns and rows, you can move elements on your page anywhere on the canvas – even on top of each other.

You can stack items on top of each other if you like in the Instapage landing page editor.
Unrestrictedness and complete creative freedom can be overwhelming. So, to help combat this, Instapage displays useful markers and grids as you move elements around the page, giving you an easy way to align page elements if you want.
You can place elements anywhere you want, but Instapage displays guides to help you position your content.
One really nice thing about the page builder is that when you move an element, the distance between that element and another page is displayed, giving perfectionists an easy way to position their page elements. Also, when you move elements around the page in a drag and drop interface, they softly snap to the main grid layout.
You can ignore this grid and other indicators, but it’s a good idea to get some guidance when it comes to positioning page elements.

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