BEST Wholesaling Houses Marketing Funnel Pt. 2

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This is the second of two videos where I break down my favorite wholesaling marketing funnel. In this video I talk about my favorite INBOUND marketing strategies to get buyers and sellers calling MY phone.

You don’t want everything in your business to be dependent upon how many calls or texts you can make/send that day.

Here’s the strategies I talk about in this video:

1. Facebook Group Marketing: This is a great way to start to generate traffic and get your name out there in your market. Join buy sale and trade groups, garage sale groups and yard sale groups local to the area you’re wholesaling in. Then ask people inside the group if they’re looking to sell a house. These groups work great because they’re built to let people buy and sell items. Also find wholesalers in those groups that want to JV their deals.

2. Craigslist Marketing: Craigslist is still one of the best ways to source wholesale deals. You can post 6-8 times a day as long as you post in 2-3 different categories and use 2-3 different emails. You can attract cash buyers and motivated sellers using Craigslist.

3. Driving For Dollars/ House Hunter Strategy: Instead of going out and doing all of the driving for dollars yourself, I’d recommend hiring some people for commission from Craigslist. You can find plenty people that will gladly send you addresses of vacant and distressed properties for a back end fee. Post your ad in the labor gigs section on Craigslist.

4. Flyers: Flyers are great because you can place them almost anywhere and they’re super cheap. You can get some made for a low cost on Fiverr. Or you can make some yourself using Canva. Give these flyers to everyone and leave some at vacant properties.

5. Bandit Signs: I like to get creative when using bandit signs. Instead of buying the pre-made bandit signs, I like to buy the blank ones then design them myself. Get creative with it. Make sure to check your local ordinances before placing signs!

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