Big Deliveries, S Construction Changes, Tesla Rd Widening! 22 May 2023 Giga Texas Updates (07:35AM)

Gigafactory Texas on 22 May 2023! This is where Model Y’s are built and soon Cyber Truck production will start!

Another busy start to a new work week, with several big changes on the south end, including pipe trenching and install on the southeast sides of stamping, more footing rebar cage construction, grade work on South side of Cyber Pond for River Road construction, and two huge crates being delivered (and eventually moved via two cranes onto the SW loading platform.
Drone flight overview with discussion & illustration: 0: 06 to 2: 31
Drone flight footage & infographics: 2: 37 to 29: 52

A few other key highlights and areas visited today:
Work west of the highway continues, with ever-widening sections getting earthwork, north of the WOW Yard and material staging up to the north material staging location. Road construction along the middle section length continues, more of the concrete scraps being pulverized into smaller pieces in piles, then moved away for recycling, and the newly graded area is getting more materials and equipment stored on the new gravel surface.
Farther north, the improvement, widening and completion of Tesla Road near the intersection of FM 973 (as I discussed per permit on a previous video) is well underway. This will also improve the right-of-way for traffic and the intersection at FM 973. Ultimately, this will complete the widening of Tesla Road on this area.
Electrical conduit trenching and installation west of the Casting machine section continues to progress, now starting to tie in with the existing conduit that provides the factory electrical power. This will eventually replace the temporary connections to the temporary switchyard and allow direct connection to the Megapack and new electrical switchyard north of Tesla Road. We also see conduit work on the northeast side of casting, likely ensuring the connection under the NE corner wall where electrical conduit was previously installed, but not connected (likely to allow for roof solar panel connections.
Conduit work also continues along the north of Tesla Road by the Tesla temporary trailers. This is the conduit that will connect the Cathode Plant and Die Shop complex to the electrical grid. More red concrete on top of the installed conduit has been completed and the overall installation is about 50% of the way to the powerline area on the west.
The electrical switchyard, south end continues to see large trenching near the steel beam “retaining” wall (not sure the correct term), and crews are busy completing several concrete slabs on the southwest corner.
The Die Shop wall panel installation is almost complete on all four exterior walls, and the roof weatherproof membrane is also nearly completed. Crews are installing forms, moisture barriers and rebar for new concrete pads along the east side of the building.
The Cathode plant west chiller plant and N2 vaporizers continue to see work on manifolds and other equipment installation. Also on the west side, berm removal and widening continues while the large temporary structure that used to house equipment and protect from the elements has been removed and all of the equipment formerly stored here has been relocated, most likely inside the Die Shop.
Finally, on the southeast side of the main site, we see the new clearing area has more equipment and concrete panels stored on the graded surface, while on the northwest corner of this area, a raised section composed of vertically installed concrete panels filled with dirt is emerging. I think this is a temporary platform where a trailer may be located, but I am not sure at this time. What do you think this is?
Lots more to see in the images and video later today!
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