#BizHackLive Webinar – 7 Ways to Supercharge Your Customer Retention with Patrick Neff

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“7 Ways to Supercharge Your Customer Retention with Patrick Neff”

As marketers, we all know the importance of lead generation and how it fuels our business growth but many companies don’t spend enough time focused on building loyal repeat customers.

We will take a few minutes to talk about the importance of building a trusted long term relationship with your customers and how that can help you better focus your lead gen dollars.

Everyone has heard that acquiring new customers is much more costly than retaining existing customers but many businesses still don’t focus enough on the key areas that drive loyalty.

In this discussion, we will talk about the following tactics to help drive loyalty

Focus on optimizing your onboarding experience
Understand Time-To-Value and how it impacts customer loyalty
Don’t just understand your customer, understand how and when they use your product
Understand the customer journey but build experiences
Build experiences from the outside in
Focus on customer needs first and operational efficiencies second.

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