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#BlackFridaySale For HighLevel Agency Support. With Extendly’s priorty agency support you can take your GoHighLevel Agency to the next level. Whatever your question may be our tech support can help you resolve it in the same day!

Black Friday 75 Off Sale By Extendly → e

All right so this Black Friday we’re doing a crazy sale on our agency support plans that we offer at Extendly.
It’s prior to support for high level anything related to high level that you want to ask questions for it is 75% off.
Let me go over and show you what it is and how it works.
So we charge 199 per month to provide support to you for your agency.
and then you can add on your clients to it as well and you pay additional for each client that is added on.
But for your agency get unlimited support for any amount of your clients that you want to ask questions for.
Its provided through slack and or ticketing system.
So basically here’s our slack channel and we’ve got all of these amazing agencies using our service we provide the support directly through there.
You can come in and ask any sort of questions.
Yeah that you may have related to high level integration, whatever it is, we’ll answer those questions for you, guide you through how to utilize high level and or if it’s getting too much and it’s not working out well even jump on a zoom call with you at the time to to provide you additional support to go out and resolve that problem with you.
So anyways why is it so crazy because it’s 199 per month that we normally charge and we are now offering it for a an extremely discounted price.
So the 1st 10 agencies that pick up this plan it will be 499 per year for them and we’re going to do this promotion continue this promotion for next two years for anyone who signs up.
normally it’s 1990 per year on an annual plan or 199 per month. so that’s only $500.
it’s 75% off. So first two years, but again the space is limited to 1st 10 spots only.
Then after that you’re gonna you’re gonna see this gray out and this one is going to go to the live mode.
and this will be available and then this link will stop working.
This one will start working and if that happens, that means the 10 spots have already been sold out.
And then the 799 is the second tier that we’re making it available, so the same exact support.
this is all of the stuff that it includes in there. it’ll be for 799.
And then finally when these 10 spots sell out, then it’ll be 50% off still a great steal and available for next two years opposed to the 1990 per year.
And it’s 999 per year for the remaining of it and something’s going to happen, you’re going to see this gray out as well.
And this will turn red and this will be this link will work while these two links will stop functioning at the time.
After the 10 spots on each run out Or if you want to sign up for a monthly.
We do have a monthly plan as well. It’s 99 per month for the next 24 months.
so that’s what we have available 24 months on the monthly plan or on an annual plan.
Go ahead and pick this up if this is something you like.
Again, support through for your agency, unlimited client accounts.
The only catch here is that the support is to you, your agency and your agency’s staff not direct to your clients.
So in the slack channel it’s a private slack channel for your agency only.
It’ll have my team in there, including myself.
You can come in and ask any questions in there and we will provide you to support for anything related to high level and ask any one of the customers that we may have asking our group as well.
And you’ll you’ll see people love the support that we provide.
And I believe it’s a it’s a great option for you to be on.
So anyways go ahead and grab that deal while it still is active.
And once it goes active inactive then you’ll have limited options and it’s going to cost more.
So, good luck to the 1st 10 people and the next 10 people and then anyone else feel this deal is worth it.
Thanks. Take your guys, but I enjoy.

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