Boost Odoo eCommerce with the Bit2Win CPQ Connector

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Odoo has some great features for eCommerce, but it lacks some advanced functionalities that a proper CPQ solution can provide when you want to add a complex set of promotions and discounts to your sale experience, like customized product suggestions, product costs matching, free products based on the items in customer’s cart, discounts evaluated on the number and quality of the bought products or the previous orders from the same customer. The connector we wrote is a complete solution that integrates Odoo with Bit2Win, an advanced CPQ software that provides a wide set of business logic rules to manage prices, products, promotions and discounts, products bundles, and much more. In this demo, we will see how our modules integrate and extend the standard Odoo eCommerce modules with the Bit2Win CPQ engine and how you can take advantage of the advanced functionalities this CPQ solution can offer to boost your business.

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