Boost Your Sales with Lead Scoring

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They say in the beginning there was a word, and we say first there should be scoring. Don’t waste your sales managers’ time and words on lead qualification. Better initiate lead scoring right on your website. You definitely need it if:

– you want to save sales’ time,
– there are too many questions in your sales scripts,
– your clients are not prioritized.

In this short video you will know what lead scoring is, how to generate leads through scoring, and how to initiate lead scoring and qualify leads in sales.

How do you manage lead scoring? Is your sales team happy? Share your experience, and we will continue to share our secrets for your business.

Video chapters:
00: 00 Intro: pain points of your sales team
00: 41 Lead scoring with a chatbot
00: 57 Three reasons for lead scoring
02: 22 Four steps to initiate lead scoring
05: 20 Summary: two major things about lead scoring
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