Bruce Sinclair on Digital Transformation and its Impact

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Today we welcome Bruce Sinclair, founder and principal consultant of Digital Operating Partners. Drawing from his experiences as a CEO and as a consultant, he authored two books on how businesses can leverage technology to create more value.

What’s in this episode?
Definition of digital transformation and how it creates value
How to get started on digital transformation
The role of digital transformation in private equity
Example applications of high-level technology to create smart products and services
Onboarding the right expert or team to create structural change

[00:49] Getting to know Bruce Sinclair
[02:40] Why Bruce got into writing
[05:46] Digital transformation and its impact
[13:58] Biggest mistake by private equity firms in digital transformation
[17:40] Founding a company during COVID-19
[21:54] The Role of Digital Operating Partners
[25:54] How digital transformation creates value
[32:50] Examples of digital transformation
[38:36] How to begin digital transformation in portfolio of companies
[45:19] Notable attributes of top-performing individual
[47:08] Qualities to look for in a digital transformation expert or team
[52:02] Bruce’s learning resources

The Private Equity Digital Operating Partner
IoT Inc
Digital Operating Partners Website
Bruce’s Email
The Private Equity Digital Transformation Show

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