Build a ChatBot Marketing Funnel that Outworks “The Knot”🔔🔔

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How to build a photography business DEEP in the six figures with OUT Wedding Pro, Word of Mouth, or hustling Instagram. Here is a brief walk-through of the Wedding ChatBot Marketing Funnel that we use to help our wedding photographer students get to six figures in less than a year.

This method goes over why the power of conversational marketing will:

✅ Generate new and qualified leads
✅ Build trust with your audience
✅ Keep warm leads from growing cold
✅ Covert leads into raving brand fans
✅ Increase booking conversions

This system makes sure no one falls through the cracks when they click on your Facebook ad. The messenger bot can handle hundreds of leads simultaneously, answering queries with established scripts and scheduled prompts. As leads opt-in, the messenger chatbot will create conversations to respond to questions and gently move brides down the funnel towards a consultation. This video also covers how we use reminders to nudge your bride into action without spending money on retargeting ads.

A lot of special things are coming next week 🔥🔥🔥

👉 Leadmagnets Chabots LIVE DEMO
👉 Landing Pages VS Messenger Chatbots
👉 Email Marketing Funnels (Chatrace marketing platform)
👉 Quiz Lead Magnets and Funnels

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