Build a Sales Funnel: 5 Dangerously Effective Principles to Increase Sales

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Build a Sales Funnel: 5 Key Principles to Increase Sales // Do you want to learn how to increase online sales, how to sell products online, and how to improve your conversion rate in general? In today’s video, I take you through the fundamental principles on how to build a sales funnel—also if you’re a beginner to this topic. I won’t dive into the tools like ClickFunnels and Leadpages. Instead, we’re going back to basics, looking at what is a sales funnel, conversion rate optimization, and how to increase your conversion rate. I will share some of my favorite sales funnels tips, so you can create (online) sales funnels that convert. The truth is, sales funnel marketing doesn’t have to be as complicated as some marketers make it. Let me show you!

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0: 00 Build a sales funnel
01: 17 Calculate your conversion rate
03: 01 Discover the 4 phases of a sales funnel
05: 37 Go through ALL the phases
08: 56 Limit the doorways
12: 27 Know the strategy behind your sales funnel
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