Build A Sales Funnel For Free [2021 Update]

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Jumpstart your sales funnel building with free software. Create all of your landing pages, emails, sales pages, and checkout without spending a dime on software with this complete click-by-click tutorial.
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Build Funnels Like a Pro and NEVER Forget a Key Step Again. Plus Copywriting Formulas.
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Table of Contents:
0: 00 – Intro0: 26 – Funnel Structure
1: 20 – Prospect Profile
1: 49 – Lead Magnet
2: 13 – Landing Page
3: 19 – MailerLite Tutorial
19: 37 – Rapport Sequence
20: 16 – MailerLite Tutorial
26: 10 – Sales Page
27: 28 – MailerLite Tutorial
33: 48 – Checkout Page
34: 21 – External Checkout
35: 11 – MailerLite + Stripe
39: 36 – Product Delivery
40: 08 – MailerLite + Google Drive
46: 47 – Outro

Build A Sales Funnel For Free [2021 Update]

If you think sales funnels are confusing, then this free sales funnel course is the right one for you!

In this free sales funnel tutorial, you’re going to learn how to create a high converting sales funnel using a free sales funnel software. We’ll also discuss each step of your sales funnel stages and everything in between it.

To be able to understand further how to create a sales funnel that will get you more conversions, it’s important that you understand the meaning of what a sales funnel is.

A sales funnel is a method of tracking and illustrating your prospects’ conversion rates between pipeline stages. It shows each step that someone has to take in order to become your customer. It also provides a clear view of the opportunities currently available to you and your team.

This is the reason why a sales funnel is important when you want to grow your online business. Through it, you will find the holes in your funnel that will help you improve your digital marketing strategy.

Likewise, your sales funnel strategy is important because your website’s conversion rate also depends on it. This is because it is one way of knowing how your visitors move through the funnel and whether they eventually convert as a potential customer.

A business whether online or tradition has some marketing sales funnel in place, and you may not have noticed it because you are already used to it.

Learn the sales funnel basics so you can create a sales funnel that will give you high conversions. We’ll show you some examples and a free done for you sales funnel template that you can copy for yourself.

This sales funnel creation will guide you so you can start creating a fully-functional sales funnel without spending a dime on sales funnel software for your online business. We’ll show you a click-by-click tutorial on how to build a high-converting landing page for free.

Of course, we’ll use a free landing page builder online. Here, we’ll be using a software called MailerLite. It’s 100% free. Build a high converting landing page without spending a dime!

Take note, a good sales funnel can make or break your business. So if you have an online business, make sure to have a fully-functional sales funnel in order to convert website visitors into paying customers.

This free sales funnel video will help you understand the benefits and importance of a sales funnel. With the right strategy, it will surely help you understand your customers, your marketing strategy, and at the same time increase your business revenue.
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