Build Unlimited Landing Pages Without The Unbounce Price – WP Landing Kit Tutorial

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If you run paid traffic for multiple clients, you know that it’s critical to have great looking landing pages to get the most out of your adspend.

You also know that Unbounce, LeadPages, and Instapages aren’t cheap!

WP Landing Kit lets you map any page or post on a WordPress site to its own custom URL, so that you don’t have spin up a new version of WordPress for every client and you can cut the cost of a LandingPage builder and use all of your existing WordPress marketing tools.

In this video, I show you how to configure a DIY Unbounce alternative and all of the tools you’ll need accomplish the tasks.

Tools covered in this video…

Landing Kit WP (code: profitabletools for 25% for 7 days only!):

Elementor Pro:

Astra Agency (Starter Sites, UAEE, ConvertPro):

Cloudways (code: daveswift for $10 voucher):


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