Building a $10k a Month Bridge Page Funnel – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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As an affiliate marketer your #1 Priority needs to be growing your email list and the best way to grow your email list as an affiliate marketer is by building a bridge page funnel.

In this video I walk you through my $10k a month Bridge Page Funnel I started my affiliate marketing career with. I also discuss the importance of growing your email list and writing emails every day.

As an Affiliate Marketer you will find that the majority of your sales will come through email marketing.

On average it takes 7 touch points for a new customer to buy something from you online and email is the best way to reach those touch points .

Email also has an ROI of 38-1! That tells me, that if you plan on being a successful affiliate marketing, then you need to invest your time in making sure your emails are setup correctly.

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