Building a Custom User Interface for your Database

Do you want to limit exactly what people see when they access your Airtable base? You might want to consider building a custom UI!

In this video I walk through the steps to building your custom UI – we walk through the steps of planning it out, creating unique views, creating the embed code, and building the site. This stuff might sound complicated, but thanks to the beautiful tool that Airtable built for us, we don’t even need to know how to code!

Please note that using this solution (in isolation) will not allow users to interact with your existing data/records. However, they will have the ability to create new data/records via form submissions!

What use-cases do you have for a custom UI?


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Table of Contents: 📖 👇

00: 00 – What this video covers
01: 05 – Explaining the Airtable Base
01: 52 – Explaining the Custom UI
03: 11 – Creating a Unique View
04: 05 – Getting the Embed Code
04: 47 – Embedding the Code
05: 27 – Building the Form
09: 38 – Testing the UI


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