Building Real Time Applications using WebSocket APIs Supported by Amazon API Gateway

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APIs have changed the way that developers build their applications, from simple websites and mobile apps to Internet of Things applications. Today, many developers are moving away from traditional monolithic application architectures and are instead creating smaller microservices, each with its own API. In this tech talk, we’ll walk you through building serverless APIs with Amazon API Gateway. We’ll take a look API Gateway’s newly announced support for WebSocket APIs and how you can use them to build real-time communication applications such as chat services and streaming dashboards. After this talk, you’ll have the foundational knowledge you need to build REST and WebSocket APIs for backends running on server-based, container-based applications, and serverless applications.

Learning Objectives:
– Get an overview of Amazon API Gateway
– Learn about the new WebSocket APIs in API Gateway
– Dive deep in building real-time serverless communication applications using WebSocket APIs in API Gateway

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