Bukit Vista | Landing Page Optimization – July 2021 | Strategic Understanding for Better Pages

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Our Bukit Vista team updates with the latest news and happenings in our company. We’re here to inspire delight: everywhere, everyone, everytime. We are able to inspire delight through hospitality innovations that positively transform our guests, partners and employees.

Our online video meetings are very helpful for those looking to understand more about startup culture in SouthEast Asia, learn remote working technique, or interns looking to gain personal experience. Our channel features academics & professors from the top schools in the SouthEast Asia region and we frequently conduct professional discussion & projects with interns from the top schools in the region: Singapore Management University, University of Indonesia, Institute of Technology in Bandung, and University of Gajah Madah.

Our video curriculum is a perfect compliment to the Kampus Merdeka Belajar program in Indonesia.

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