Business Process Automation Platform: NITRO Studio

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NITRO Studio as a Business Process Automation Platform: /

NITRO Studio’s many components work together to provide you with a Business Process Automation Platform on both Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises.

The complete set of tools included in NITRO Studio allows you to automate just about any business workflow in Office 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. No longer are these systems just lightly used for email and document management.

With NITRO Studio installed in your Office 365 Tenant or SharePoint on-premises Farm, you now have a true workplace automation system that drives your digital transformation.

NITRO Studio includes:

– Forms Designer for creating attractive, dynamic, responsive forms that can meet any business purposes.

– Workflow Manager for automating and streamlining any process, whether simple or complex

– Custom Actions that give users the power to drive the process forward
Bots and Portals to give users a variety of options for interacting with the system

– Reports and Dashboards that show both immediate and historical views

– Extensive integration with databases, web services, ERP’s, CRMs, and other business systems.

– Admin tools for monitoring and improving performance

– Pre-built applications that can be easily modified for your specific needs.

See how NITRO Studio can provide your organization with a low-cost, highly capable, efficient, and easy-to-use automation platform. It’s time to move off legacy programs and inefficient processes and take advantage of the extensive capabilities that Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, and NITRO Studio bring!

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