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Buzzsumo Video Tutorial

A Top Content Search on Buzzsumo shows you the most shared content for any topic or domain. Start your search by entering a 2-3 keyword phase that is likely to appear in the title of content related to your niche and/or industry You can also search by domain (e.g.)

If you just want to search for videos or articles, you can filter your search by checking content types. You can also filter by the date the content was found. BuzzSumo shows you how many times each article has been shared on each social network, to date. This allows you to judge its popularity.

Clicking these headers will allow you to sort by that column. Notice how each piece of content is tagged by type. A piece of content can have many tags, for instance it’s common for an article to also have a video or infographic in it. When you select View Sharers, you can view the Twitter users that have shared this article and sort by metrics such as page authority or followers.

Find the key influencers in your industry by topic or user name. You’ll start your search for influencers here by entering 1-2 Keywords related your industry.

You can use these filters to narrow down your search to specific influencer types. If the Twitter user has a web address in their bio, Buzzsumo will show you the Page Authority score. If there’s a web address in their bio, Buzzsumo will show you Google’s PageRank Score for their website.

Buzzsumo shows you the user’s follower count, retweet ratio (percentage of users tweets that are retweets) Reply ratio (percentage of users tweets that are replies) and the average number of retweets the user get’s per tweet. Great for finding user that more influential.

One tactic I find that is excellent for planning an editorial calendar is to export a site’s content feed. Now I can analyze the data to see which articles, videos and Decks are getting shared the most. This reveals what kind of content is resonating with the target audience, so now I know what content is most appealing and what content type works best. You can follow the same formula using a competitors’ content feed and append your or your client’s editorial calendar accordingly.

Enter in a 2-3 keyword phrase and make note of the which site’s content are getting shared the most on the social web and add them to your feedly reader. This way, you will get an early read on what content you can curate and share to your top social channels and you expect your social connections will reward you with social shares of your curated content down the road.

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