Capital Campaign Readiness and Organizational Capacity

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We’ll do a deep dive into capital campaign readiness and the importance of organizational capacity for effective capital campaign fundraising. Regardless of where you are on your campaign journey, if you know a capital campaign is on the horizon, taking steps now to build out your fundraising capacity is critical to your organization’s long-term success. Comprehensive campaign fundraising is an opportunity for organizations to think strategically about their relationship to money and implement internal systems for data tracking and relationship management, including investment in fundraising strategies that center long-term relationships with funders and donors while tracking potential revenue opportunities.

During the first hour, we will define fundraising capacity, tie its importance to campaign readiness and long-term organizational success, and name key areas of investment for organizations looking to build out internal competency and skills around development work. We’ll use case studies to examine what investment in fundraising capacity looks like in real life.

In the second hour, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about specific fundraising strategies and/or other areas of interest identified in partner survey responses. Cami Aurioles and JeeYoung Dobbs will each host a breakout room to do deep dives on issues related to fundraising and capacity building as part of campaign readiness.
Recorded August 20, 2021

Meet our trainers!

JeeYoung Dobbs

With more than 15 years in the nonprofit sector, JeeYoung brings extensive fundraising and capacity building practice. She is a skilled problem solver with deep experience especially in the arts and culture space. She has held in-house positions in both development and programs and served as fundraising consultant and coach to organizations across the region. JeeYoung has worked on many capital campaigns and special fundraising initiatives, including large capital projects, endowment campaigns, and major gift initiatives for new programs.

As a special fundraising campaigns expert, JeeYoung brings critical analysis and understanding of visioning and case development, program development and budgeting, individual fundraising strategy and planning, board development and coaching, community engagement, and more. Her experience shapes her understanding of the important need to hold a multitude of perspectives when shaping organizational strategies and vision.

JeeYoung’s approach to nonprofit consulting and fundraising is rooted in a commitment to continually interrogate and dismantle systems within the nonprofit sector that perpetuates harm to communities.

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Cami Aurioles

Cami is a fundraising and grants consultant for nonprofit organizations and has worked within the nonprofit sector for over ten years. As an institutional funding specialist, Cami has supported organizations in raising funds from private, corporate and public agencies to sustain and grow operations, programs, special projects and capital campaigns. She is a skilled organizational strategist and capacity builder, having recently managed a team of seven grants consultants, serving 50 nonprofits across the country.

As an institutional giving consultant, she works directly with small to mid-sized organizations on developing their grants programs, funder cultivation and stewardship, program design and strategy, building fundraising systems and operations, coaching, and financial management support. Further, she facilitates workshops and speaks at conferences throughout the country on ethical storytelling to address extractive practices and the role of dominant culture-led organizations in shifting power from themselves to the community.

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