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Carpet Cleaning Marketing Funnel is a piece that a lot of carpet cleaning company’s are missing.

Most of the time, when a carpet cleaning company is doing marketing, they usually send people to their website. What happens is that websites are typically not designed to sell. They are more of a brochure.

A potential clients lands on a carpet cleaning company and they have many options to click on. Now, the carpet cleaner thinks “that’s great!, I want them to see EVERYTHING I offer!”

But with all the options, people will use the short attention span clicking all over the website and clicking off!

A carpet cleaning company needs a funnel when doing their marketing. Now, this can be multiple funnels. A funnel? Picture a funnel. Carpet cleaning marketing pours people into the top of the funnel. The goal of the funnel is to make it to the bottom (the goal). But if there are multiple options presented at once. That creates “holes” in the funnel allowing people to fall out of the marketing funnel.

Carpet cleaning marketing offer has to 100% match the website they get sent to. If the carpet cleaning company is offering 3 rooms for $150 as an example. When the potential client clicks the ad. They need to be sent to a carpet cleaning marketing funnel (a 1 page website) that is all about the $150 offer (you can add bonuses to create a fear of missing out like FREE deodorizer or FREE stair cleaning etc if you book today.

Once the potential client becomes a lead by submitting their info, THEN YOU CAN START OFFERING ALL OF YOUR SERVICES. But the original goal is to get them to book for your offer.

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