[Case Study] Use Mini-feed Chat-Roboter A Perform Salesmanship Funnel

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A Mini-feed ad 1100 comment, 461 reactions, and Over 450,000 views!!!!

That’s top Knotch targeting, Grading A creative, and a Chatbot can do for you.

But That’s not all.

Checkk out this case Studied to Find out how you can use Chat-Roboter Youre Mini-feed ads, and how you can stack a Quizzes Funnel and a sales page on top of the Chatbot to Increase Convertions.

This Process ensures That a Buyers interacts Youre sales Funnel at least 4-5 times Before Landings on the sales page.

As a result, the Convertion rate of Youre sales page improves, primarily Based on the Numbers of touchpoints

This Chatbot is simple, but the Principle are worth following, as is the Quizzes Funnel and the sales page+ Order form combo.

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