CFD 062 – Sales Whisperer Wes Schaeffer Shares “Secrets” and Insights on Resources that Let You Bre

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With significant sales skills and a deep understanding of the sales funnel across businesses and industries, it’s no surprise that Wes Schaeffer was voted top Certified Infusionsoft Consultant by peers in 2013. His quick wit and easy manner make him a joy to spend time with in this Cash Flow Diary episode as he delivers plenty of intelligent insight into how you can achieve greater sales. His deep Texas drawl is a bonus. I found myself immediately comfortable with Wes. I learned a great deal in this interview with him and know you will, too. If you have been looking for ways to put systems in place to bring in more leads , manage and nurture them, follow them through an intuitive sales funnel, keep in touch with all your contacts and categorize them to make communications better, you have to listen to this episode! You will find your answers here and a whole lot more. Listen now.

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