Chaupal 17: How to build the Marketing Funnel with the help of Integrated marketing

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After unveiling your Target Audience (in session#1) and meeting the Sales & Marketing Funnel (in session#2), let’s connect the dots in session#3

We will learn how you can build your Funnel using SEO, Email, Social Media, and Google Ads. And no, we won’t stop here!
We will further connect the dots and discuss an example and a case-study on Integrated Marketing Campaigns.

Join Coach Nitin for this finale and learn:
Mapping Marketing Channels and the various stages of the Funnel
Characteristics of SEO, Email, Social Media, and Google Ads, as marketing channels
Role of SEO, Email, Social Media, and Google Ads in building the funnel
An example of an Integrated Marketing Campaigns (hint – ‘One Coach Away’)
A case-study discussion on Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Success in your career is just #OneCoachAway.
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