Choosing the Best Google Category for your Entity: Kalicube Pro SaaS

In this video Jason Barnard explains the categories in the Kalicube Pro SaaS platform. He also explains how to choose an appropriate subcategory for your entity.

Importantly, the list of categories is Google’s own categorization. Kalicube Pro SaaS helps you to match your entity to the correct Google category!

00: 00 Categories in Kalicube Pro
00: 17 Mike Westbrook as an example entity in the Kalicube Pro SaaS Platform
00: 25 How does Kalicube categorize the entity in the system?
00: 43 Example: Clio Barnard
01: 03 Example: Boowa, an entity in the Kalicube Pro platform which is under specific categories
01: 18 List of all the categories
03: 36 Using Google’s NLP to categorize
04: 08 Multiple categories

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