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Here’s a sample of my latest offer, The Cleanse Guide package. It is based on a 5 module course that helps guide you in taking on a short cleanse, from 3-7 days. Whether it be a juice cleanse, and raw diet or other, this course will help you prepare and get though your cleanse in a smooth way. It will also prepare you for after the cleanse when you go back to normal eating.

To make sure your well supported, the package also comes with tons of resources, including recipe books, meal plans and other insightful Ebooks based on my experience with cleansing and raw vegan foods since the last 7 years.

And right now, it even comes with the bonus Mastering Juices digital video course and recipe companion to help you become a juicing master!

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And if you don’t want to buy anything but still want to start a little cleanse or learn about cleansing, start with this FREE 3-Day Cleansing Program!
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