ClickBank Affiliate Marketing is a Nightmare to me, for quick online money don’t fall into this trap

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Clickbank is no doubt a big marketplace in Affiliate Marketing Industry but, I personally never work on Clickbank in any of my affiliate marketing campaigns.

There are newbies who are easily fascinated with the quick ways of earning online money but, they don’t realize that it could lead to their disappointment. So, never run after only earning money online rather go and find suitable and sustainable affiliate programs.

I’ve given my appropriate reasons in detail why I did so, and I would personally recommend to all those affiliate marketers who are new to this industry also follow my suggestions.

Despite hundreds of youtube videos are promoting Clickbank affiliate marketing I don’t recommend Clickbank at all.

In my initial days when I used to experiment a lot, I burnt a lot of my money, efforts and time on promoting ClickBank products. But, the day I realized the reason why it is happening so, I quit this platform.

So, being a responsible influencer I’ve done my job to intimate you with my personal reason and experience that you too shouldn’t work on this platform until you are mature enough to run sustainable campaigns in affiliate marketing.

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Disclaimer: Knowledge in this video is purely based on my experience. The results may vary from person to person and from time to time and I don’t guarantee any fix or variable results for an individual or group of individuals.

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