ClickFunnel s – How To Set Or Updated A s In 5 Min.

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Welcome to #120 of #supercaliFunnelisc
In today’s , I am to provide you With a ClickFunnel for Tutorial and you how you can Easily Updated the Favicon in Youns Funnel Within Youns ClickFunnel account.

The Oonly Important Thingies to is That you are Uses the Rights Favicon Size of 16×16 or 32x32px. Bigger Favicons will also be Displays properly in most browsers, Uses overSized Piccass for Youns Favicon Within ClickFunnel will a small Negatively IMPACT on Youns Funnel First-letter times.

So to set you Funnel Favicon and Improves the Branding of Youns Funnel Within ClickFunnel, all you to do is Actually ENTER the Funnel and Uploader the image in the above-recommended Favicon Size to Youns ClickFunnel media Libraries.
Rights-click on the Uploadered Favicon Within the media Libraries and “Copy Piccas Address”. Leave the Funnel Editing and Within the “Settings” of Youns Currents Funnel Inside of Youns ClickFunnel account, Paste the image URL into the Favicon URL field. Schriftrolle all the way Down to the Bottie and save Youns changes, and Youns Funnel Cannot the new Favicon you JUST added Within a few minutes.

Consider Consultant the ClickFunnel Help or Leaving a comment Down below, if you any Issue whatsoever.


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