ClickFunnels ActiveCampaign Integration with Custom Fields Tutorial

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How to integrate #ActiveCampaign and #ClickFunnels for highly targeted email automations, including custom fields like Dropdowns, Input Fields and Text Fields.

This allows you to create highly segmented mailing lists and sent targeted automations to your different lists using Active Campaign as your Autoresponder and ClickFunnels for your Funnel Pages.

For example, the dropdown in this example asks “Do you already have a ClickFunnels account?”, with an option to select “Yes” or “No”.

If they select “Yes”, you may want to put them into an email sequence leading to selling a ClickFunnels course.

If they answer “No”, you may want to put them into an email sequence educating them about ClickFunnels, and then leading them to sign up for a ClickFunnels account.

The method I show you does not require any 3rd party integrations, only ClickFunnels and Active Campaign.

I show you everything from adding the custom fields to your ClickFunnels Funnel Step to creating custom fields and a custom form in Active Campaign, then integrating the form with your ClickFunnels form.

About ClickFunnels ClickFunnels is the industry leader in Funnel Building Software. Besides software, there’s an amazing community behind it with tons of education on building sales funnels that convert.

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About Active Campaign Moosend has been around for over 7 years, but gaining popularity lately. I recently signed up for a Moosend account and switching most of my lists there from Active Campaign because it offers very similar automation for much less price.

They also have a high emphasis on email deliverability, as well as beautiful templates, landing pages and coming soon popup add-ons.

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About Moosend, an Active Campaign Alternative You may also want to consider Moosend, which is a great alternative to Active Campaign. Moosend has very similar features as Active Campaign for quite a bit less.

Watch my video on Moosend to learn how to integrate Moosend with ClickFunnels.

Learn more about Moosend and Pricing here:

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Tony Eppright
ClickFunnels for Non-Techies, by AlphaBlossom

00: 00 – Introduction to ClickFunnels Active Campaign Integration
01: 00 – ClickFunnels Overview
01: 30 – ClickFunnels Active Campaign: HTML Integration Overview
02: 00 – ClickFunnels Active Campaign: Fields available
02: 40 – ClickFunnels Active Campaign: API Integration Setup
04: 00 – ClickFunnels Active Campaign: Adding Forms on the page
08: 17 – ClickFunnels Active Campaign: Creating Custom Fields on AC
10: 18 – ClickFunnels Active Campaign: Create a new form on AC
12: 42 – ClickFunnels Active Campaign: Create a copy of an HTML embed code on AC
13: 20 – ClickFunnels Active Campaign: Setup ClickFunnels Active Campaign integration
15: 02 – ClickFunnels Active Campaign: Testing the form
16: 24 – ClickFunnels Active Campaign: Automations overview on AC

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