ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review PLUS BONUS

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Anyway, onto the review!

I decided to make this ClickFunnels affiliate program review after my first few months with ClickFunnels brought in an average of nearly $5k a month.

In my opinion the best part of ClickFunnels is by far their affiliate program. There are so many things they do to help affiliates. So this review will focus primarily on the positive.

The best thing about the ClickFunnels affiliate program is BY FAR their funnel stacking feature. T

This essentially means that once ClickFunnels captures the email addresses of anyone that you send their way, then you get a large percentage of ANY money they make off that individual forever.

So even if you just refer someone to ClickFunnels through a book, but that person ends up buying the $3k training, then you make nearly $1500 dollars off that book referral.

Seeing the power here?

The ClickFunnels affiliate program also offers a sticky cookie, which basically tracks everyone that has ever clicked your link. If they decide to buy a few weeks or months later, your sticky cookie will identify you as the primary salesman and you will get the bonus.

When you combine the ClickFunnels affiliate program with something like the Active Campaign affiliate program and teach both simultaneously, there is potential beyond your wildest dreams.

That is why I offer a good bonus to anyone that signs up through ClickFunnels to my link. They get lots of free training and courses. It is in my best interest that they succeed at ClickFunnels.

So if you didn’t notice above, I offer a couple bonuses to anyone that uses ClickFunnels with my affiliate link.

The big one is that I offer my membership funnel. This means that you can offer your members exclusive training to ClickFunnels when they sign up through you.

It is my number one asset and it can quickly become yours.

Well that concludes the ClickFunnels affiliate program review! Enjoy the bonuses and hope to see you crushing it one day.


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