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Clickfunnels custom domains are easy to set up, but you should never, I repeat, never, purchase them through Clickfunnels.

Not only will it work out more expensive for you in the long run.

But you do also not get the same control as you would if you purchase them in a proper domain registrar.

Purchasing your new domain and connecting it to use in Clickfunnels is super quick and easy using Namecheap.

If you use Namecheap you’ll get cheaper domains, more inclusions, and the ability to EASILY connect to any other service such as email, WordPress sites etc.

This is not the case if you purchase through Clickfunnels, as the process is often hindered due to the limited access.

If you ever want to transfer any domains away from Clickfunnels that’s a whole process on its own and if you have many domains it will be very annoying.

Be smart, and make sure you use a separate domain registrar, such as Namecheap

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