ClickFunnels Custom Fonts – How To Add Custom Google Fonts To ClickFunnels

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ClickFunnels Custom Fonts: How to Setup Custom Google Fonts in Your ClickFunnels Account

In this video I show how to install Custom Google Fonts into your ClickFunnels Pages.

ClickFunnels has most Google Fonts natively built into its editor, but sometimes you need to grab a font that isn’t installed or you might need a font weight that isn’t available, if so you want to follow these steps.

1. After navigating to Google Fonts and finding the font you desire you will select which font weights and what style you would like.

2. You would then grab the ‘Import’ code from Google and place that into the top of your Custom CSS code in ClickFunnels.

3. Next apply the Font-Family, Font-Size and Font-Weight to the Element you want to affect and you should see the print change on the screen.

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