ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest Explained

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In this video I explain what the ClickFunnels dream car contest is all about and how to become a winner.

The contest for ClickFunnels is simple and is free to join. When you become an affiliate for Clickfunnels, which is also free, they have a free contest that you can try to achieve called the dream car contest. The contest is simply this, get 100 active users for ClickFunnels and they will help you lease the car of your dreams. And if you can manage to get 200 active members using ClickFunnels, then they will give you 1000 dollars towards the car of your dreams.

So lets dive into the details of how this all works. Clickfunnels is what you call a saas software. Saas softwares are softwares as a service and typically require no downloads, but a monthly or yearly cost to them to continue using them. So when you are able to refer someone to start using ClickFunnels, you will get a monthly commission of 40% of whatever plan they sign up for for the lifetime they have an active account with ClickFunnels. So this not only helps people to make some side income while they utilize the ClickFunnels software for their own purposes and business, but they also can get some extra cash towards their dream car while they are at it.

ClickFunnels plans start at 97 dollars per month and there is an upgraded plan that is 297 per month. So when you get someone to sign up under you link with the basic plan, you make 38.80 per month ever month they pay for the software. And if you can get them to get the upgraded plan at 297 per month, then you make 118.80 per month for the lifetime they are paying for ClickFunnels software. So if you can get 100 users at just the basic plan per month, you are making close to 4000 dollars per month, and ClickFunnels is also giving you an additional 500 dollars towards the lease of your dream car. Not a bad deal right?

Being that this contest is free and only costs you what you spend in getting people to sign up under you link and aware of Clickfunnels, I feel like this is a program that is a win win for anybody interested. You can officially retire after you manage to win this dream car as you will be making a good amount of money that is recurring every month for you.

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