ClickFunnels Email Validation – How to Verify an Email Address in Real Time with Xverify

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This video explains how you can verify an email address in real time on your ClickFunnels optin (squeeze page), using an external email validation service provided by

As you probably know, there are many people who use fake email addresses when submitting forms. These people are generally known as ‘Freebie Seekers’. The problem this creates is that these fake email addresses then end up in our autoresponders, which then lead onto whats called hard bounces, which negatively affect the sender reputation of your account.

Having a poor sender reputation will most likely result in your emails ending up in the spam folder, which is why it is so important to validate your subscribers emails, before they reach your autoresponder.

Unfortunately, ClickFunnels doesn’t have a built in feature at the time I made this video to provide real time email validation.

Before setting up Xverify, I tried a few other services; Neverbounce ( DeBounce ( and Zerobounce ( Non of these other email validation services were anywhere near as good as xverify. Mainly because of where the error messages were displayed. With a bit of tinkering with the CSS, they could probably have worked better, but for me Xverify worked straight out of the box, (with a little help from their support), but no modifications to the CSS or ClickFunnels code was required.

All you need to do with Xverify, is provide the domain name of where your form is, and then copy the javascript code from their implementation page into your ClickFunnels Tracking Code section. You place the link to the CSS in the header section, and the main Javascript code into your footer section.

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