ClickFunnels: How to Add A Slideshow in 1 Minute without knowing code

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Watch this video that shows how to add a slideshow to ClickFunnels. Adding an image slider to ClickFunnels is something I do on every sales page right now and I am sure you want to do the same with ecommerce or your dropshipping store.

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Image slideshows clickfunnels are a great way to show more information to your customer and take up less room.

I like using slideshows on my clickfunnels builder pages because it allows me to show my products from different angles and still have my call to action button (my ORDER NOW button) high on the page while still showing many images of my dropshipping winning product.

It’s very easy to set up an image slider in ClickFunnels.

Step 1: Create a new HTML module and add the HTML you see in this video. It’s just a DIV with Image elements inside it.

Step 2: Add the Fotorama library

And you’re done! It’s super easy. This dropshipping clickfunnels tutorial is actually very simple. Towards the end I show you how you can customize your slideshow in clickfunnels and create it so that it auto plays your slider on page load and also how to make a fullscreen slideshow too. There are a lot of different settings but they’re all in this updated video.

Don’t forget – this is mobile friendly…meaning it is mobile responsive. This image slider clickfunnels works on mobile phones as well as desktop and everything in between like tablets.

Now, I wanted to give a few tips and tricks for doing your sliders, based on someone who has built many websites and used many lol (haven’t we all).

Refrain from the auto scroll. It can be very distracting. Again, you want people to land on your sales page and be able to focus on whats happening. You want them to land on your page and see your large ORDER NOW button and know that button is there if they so wish to order your product after they read the rest of your sales page. If they land on your page, then your slider starts auto scrolling, it doesn’t feel right and will distract your user.

Crop your images to the same size and everything will work very well. It’s when you use different sized images that you’re likely to run into more problems.

Remember that every image in your slider needs to be downloaded by your customers computer and this means the MORE IMAGES you have THE SLOWER your page will load.

This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT not to put too many images in your slider. Just put the ones that will help sell your product or service.

Enjoy! And hey.. why not leave a comment below and let me know that this worked 🙂 Shopify dropshipping vs clickfunnels

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