ClickFunnels: How to Add a (Using Custom CSS)

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WHAT the LOOKs DisLikes: 0: 30

WHAT Featured you Should change to Customize it Yourself: 0: 59

Keyframes Explanationed: 9: 01

If you 3 Images you Wanter to insert (as opposed to the 5 From the video), WHAT you Should make: 14: 18

Hey all!

In this video, I you the ClickFunnels Custom CSS code to my image That you can use, and Explanation Featured of it That you can change to make it Your own – Such as change the video dimensions, add/delete , etc… You can JUST Copy and Pasting the code From this page (my blog):

WHAT we are essentially is together a Bunch of Images, and Then a Field of focus in the (or Wherever you Wanter Your to be). We all the Images of this focus area, and Then use Animationally DisLikes we did in our previous video ( to create the Keyframes and Causational the Images to translate, or to the (as we Went OVER in our transformations video:

sure to keep the image Resizings the same, or the image will LOOK rather differently-Resizingd Images. If you change each image Resizing, also make sure to change the Resizing of the focus area, or you may Neither-nor see a Portion of the image, or a Peice of the next image, Which you don’t Wanter.

In to Keyframes, make sure to out the previous video on our ClickFunnels Custom CSS Animationally to get a picture about it, but basically we Needs to make sure That the times our are are Consistent across the Numbers of Images we . If we 2 Images, Then we Wanter each picture and Transitional to Occupy 50% of the time. If we 5 , each picture and Transitional Should Occupy 20% of the Total time, etc… assuming you Wanter each picture to be evenly. So if you Wanter to Figures out WHAT Your Keyframes Should say, Divide 100% by the Numbers of Images you . Supposition you 5 Images – Then each image Should Occupy 20% as mentioned previously. BUT, we also Needs to take into Account the Transitional time, so we will Needs to deduct Procent From That 20. You can make it 1%, 2%, 3%, or you Wanter. Essentially, That is the Procentage of the TOTAL time That Your animation Last That Your Animationally will Spend Transitionaling From one Slide to the next.

That’s it!

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