ClickFunnels: How to Setup a Text Optin (Cool Feature!)

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Hey all!

In this video, I show you how to add a cool text optin feature to any funnel you want inside of ClickFunnels.

What this option does is allow you to collect leads to your email list by getting people to simply text a code to the specific number you provide them!

This can be incredibly useful if you are meeting people face-to-face and already told them about your product you are offering. In this case, asking them to visit your landing page where you tell them about the offer in order to sign up is redundant, so you can simply ask them to text a code to the number you provide them and they will be automatically added to your email list!

In this video, I show you how simple it is as we do it through my phone and the messages automatically come to you via text after you text the special code, asking you for your email, and then confirming email submission.

This also worked for me for a third-party autoresponder software – GetResponse, so it probably works for any other third-party autoresponder software programs you are using, such as MailChimp, or AWeber – however you should probably test it out yourself before relying on this 100%.

However, the contacts are for a fact stored inside of the ClickFunnels ‘contacts’ base for your funnel, so that’s incredibly helpful already since worst comes to worst, you can always grab that email and add it to your third-party email list manually.

ClickFunnels said they are adding more phone numbers that you can provide to your potential subscribers, but for now, there is only one. Although the text optin will work whether the 1 is dialed in front of the number or not, you may want to check with your service provider whether the user will have to pay extra charges for dialing the 1 or not.

The setup is really easy and straightforward – just follow the steps outlined and the text optin should be ready instantaneously. Just make sure to input the code that your potential subscribers should be texting in, and customize the message you want them to see after they do so – the rest is automatic and instant.

That’s it!

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