Clickfunnels Paypal Integration | Have Both Credit Card and PayPal Option | Step By Step Process

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I was getting a lot of questions on Clickfunnels paypal integration, so now I have finally created a video on it. Now, you can easily integrate paypal with clickfunnels account and use both stripe and paypal as a payment option.

Usually 20% of the payments came through PayPal, so it’s really important to have PayPal as a payment option, but clickfunnels don’t usually have option to add both of these payment methods together.

So, keeping in mind about it, I decided to create a video on clickfunnels paypal integration. When I was getting started with funnels, I also face the same issue of clickfunnels paypal integration and I wasn’t able to find any video that could help me to integrate paypal with clickfunnels.

But, not now. Get help from this video and easily do your integrations.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions.

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