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Most businesses do Flash Sales WRONG and lose money BIG TIME! See the 3 Mistakes most brands make and set up your e-commerce funnel the right way!

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👋 About This Video

In this video, I share with you the three common mistakes most brands do when creating a Flash Sales Funnel. Avoiding these mistakes in your e-commerce business will allow you to have more success with your new ClickFunnels sales funnel.

A flash sale is when a company offers a special discount or promotion for a short period of time. In this video, I’ll share with you how the BioTrust company is doing Flash sales in the right way.

The purpose of this funnel is to provide an attractive, low-resistant offer to acquire as many customers as possible, and to profit from backend sales and future purposes.
I also discuss pre-framing your offer the right way to justify your flash sale price point so prospects can understand why this offer is a deal.

Creating an irresistible offer around your Flash sale deal will also drive more cold traffic to say yes to your deal! If you have a Shopify store or drop shipping business, then this is a great funnel to test out new products before adding it long-term to your Shopify store.

Watch the video to see the entire walk-thru of this funnel.
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About Pilar Newman 😀

I’m an 11yr Amazon Private Label Seller with a knack for selling fast-moving trending items. On the side, I teach people how to create a passive income by offering products they would recommend to others.

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