ClickFunnels Review: Easy Funnel Building, Weird Community

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ClickFunnels Review 2021: Cloud based marketing automation software for SMBs.

Cloud-based lead generation platform that allows businesses of all sizes in eCommerce, consulting, and other industries to automate email and Facebook marketing processes and convert visitors into customers. Professionals can create custom landing pages or funnels by using the inbuilt templates to attract customers. ClickFunnels enables teams to capture customer’s contact information and send targeted follow-up messages via text or desktop notifications to reconnect with the visitors.

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0: 10 What other software products did you consider or switch from?
0: 19 What were the reasons you chose ClickFunnels?
0: 38 How easy was it to onboard and integrate ClickFunnels into your business?
1: 13 What recommendations do you have for others considering ClickFunnels?

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