Clickfunnels Tutorial 2021 – How to add a custom font inside your funnels

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In this clickfunnels tutorial you are going to learn how to add a custom font so you can use in your funnels!

1 Step – upload your fonts in digital assets (account settings – digital assets)
2 Step – Go to custom css and add the following:

font-family: ‘Name_of_the_font’;
src: url(‘digital_asset_path’);
font-weight: Bold;

div[data-title=’headline’], div[data-title=’button’]
font-family: ‘Name_of_the_font’;

font-family: ‘Name_of_the_font’;
src: url(‘digital_asset_path’);
font-weight: normal;

div[data-title=’icon bullet list’], div[data-title=’Paragraph’], div[data-title=’sub-headline’], div[data-title=’input’], div[data-title=’List’], div[data-title=’Image List’], div[data-title=’navigation’], div[data-title=’Image Feature’], div[data-title=’pricing table’]

font-family: ‘Name_of_the_font’;

3 step – Replace the place holders and save your funnel.

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